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I think of you sometimes, when we were kids and chased each other on the playground. When we’d hold hands during nap time. I miss seeing your eyes light up as you graciously shared your Lego with me at play time. Even though it wasn’t my favourite, I would still play, because it was with you. I think of us as we got older and discovered “bad words.” I remember making you repeat the f-word to me many times before I actually understood it, even then I forgot it soon after. Whenever The Scientist comes on I think of when we first discovered real music, not the childish happy songs our mothers had let us listen to. I will always cherish lying under the stars with you, at our annual backyard campout, the warm summer air engulfing us. Feeling cool while replaying Coldplay’s newest album and eating popcorn because we had no fire to make s’mores. I will never forget the day you left. Drunk drivers really suck. When I first was told what had happened it was like nothing after that point made sense, I couldn’t comprehend a world where you did not exist. I’ll never forget it because that was the day I lost my best friend. The one person who I knew would be by my side no matter if the world was crumbling around us.

What is beauty?

What is beauty? More importantly how could you ever define a living breathing human being as “ugly”? Let me first just say that there is so much beauty in all of us. The way our chests rise and fall when we breathe and the way we love, and how we fall in love is beautiful. There’s beauty in our youth and how fleetingly short our lives are, there’s beauty in small acts of kindness and watching the rain fall and counting how many freckles are on someone’s arm.  Beauty is how you feel and so never give anyone the power to take that away from you. 

Today in science class when we’d just decided that natural selection doesn’t exist in humans some boy had something to say. Something that he must have thought was funny and it went something like this, “Natural selection exists in humans such as ugly people, because like ugly people can’t reproduce because no one wants to be with them.”

At the time I just thought he was being an idiot but now after I’ve thought about it, I am so incredibly pissed that someone would even have the nerve to say that.  How could you be so heartless? Really this post is just a rant but I want to make it so incredibly crystal clear that no one is ugly! I mean I’m an insecure teenage girl with insane body image issues and yeah I definitely put myself down a lot especially when looking in the mirror about how much I need to change so that someone might one day think I’m pretty. Yeah I know that isn’t great but whenever I feel like this it’s so awful I wish that no one else would ever know what it’s like to feel this way.

Boys who think like this must never have felt so incredibly numb to the world that it hurts, so numb that all that’s left is pain. They’ve never wished on a star for love, never said no to a social event so that you wouldn’t feel anxiety about all the food that would be around. These boys and girls who think like this, they don’t know what it’s like to be up at 2am just wanting someone to talk to about how insecure you feel but instead you just end up in your bed with fairy lights and your favourite music crying until your eyes are puffy and red, just wishing there was someone who understood.  So I definitely find this so hurtful.  

Even more insulting though is that what this boy was pretty much insinuating was that there is a mould for how people should look and that if you don’t fit that mould you’re ugly and no one will ever love you.  I spend enough time trying to convince myself that I’m fine the way I am, I’m not exactly happy with the way I look and that’s a completely different problem altogether but I mean I think at one time or another every girl has that issue with themselves. When you’re a teenage girl trying to get over body image issues a lot of what you seem to think about is, “Will anyone ever love me?” One of the only ways to get over this issue is to accept yourself and your body and decide that getting a boy or a girl to love you for how you look isn’t the most important thing, in fact it’s not even important at all. What’s important is finding someone who loves you because you’re beautiful inside, because you’re a good person. Someone who loves you to the moon and back because they love what’s inside, and it’s important to find someone with whom you feel the same about. Be true to who you are and don’t lose sight of yourself for the boy who values outside beauty, because he will never be worth it. 

All I’m saying is that love who you are inside first, and after that love yourself on the outside too, before you try to find someone who will love you the way you love yourself. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe we need someone to love us so that we can realize we should love ourselves as well, that’s it’s okay to love who we are. Truly though I don’t think there are many teenage boys who understand that or who can be that person because for a lot of them its all tits, ass, sex.  If you have found a good one though because I know they are out there, I hope he understands just how much beauty lives inside you. Love yourself because you are truly the most beautiful person I have never met. 

Much Love Darlings,

Emma xx

Being young doesn’t last forever. By the time you realize that you’re usually pretty old anyways. You always want what you don’t have. Sometimes the concept of youthfulness is hard to grasp because it is not an object, it is not something we can physically grasp. Our youth is what lives in our hearts. So even though our outer youth, the thing that makes us look young will eventually fade, if you keep youth in your heart you have found the fountain everyone talks about, because what is in your heart will last a lifetime.
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We grow up and go to university to get good jobs or you don’t and you just start working right out of high school. I mean I find it kind of strange that we’re all still asking to go to the bathroom at school and being told by our parents at home that we’re too young to understand when at the same time the most popular question we’re getting asked right now, by teachers and parents alike is “What are your plans after high school?” Which we all know really means, “What are you going to go to university for and what do you want to become?” It’s like almost all the way until we graduate we are treated like children, and then all of a sudden you graduate and it’s like BOOM you better have a good chunk of your life planned out right now or else you’re screwed. K obviously it’s not exactly like that:p but right now that’s kind of how it feels. I’m 15 and to be honest I have absolutely no idea what I want to do, what I want to “become” and with every new person that asks me that dreaded question I can’t help but get a little more anxious about it. In my perfect life after high school I would travel with my friends and hopefully along the way “discover” something I’d be interested in. I mean why isn’t it more socially acceptable for someone to take a year off to travel, because honestly the experiences you’d gain would be so valuable. If you know of any jobs that involve travel please hit me up haha;)

I just want to forget. I want to forget all of it because the memories I carry everyday are becoming more than a burden.
Dwelling on the past this much can’t be healthy. Wishing things were different than how they turned out. Being mad at the world because who else can you possibly blame? But the truth is almost everything that happens in your life will happen whether you want it to or not, it’s part of what makes life so unpredictable. That said, there’s a certain beauty, a certain fragility in the fact that things happen and that’s just the way it is. So yea maybe the universe is out to get you, but when you let it run it’s course maybe it won’t turn out as bad as you thought.

Love and loss is a part of life, it just is. You can’t ever have one without the other. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to move on afterwards, but it will never be the same. Every love is different and unique and beautiful, you will never be able to find something like what you had before. That’s part of what makes love so fleeting, you will never encounter the same love twice. So when you do find that once in a lifetime forever type of love, hold onto it. Hold on tight for all the people who won’t ever find what you did. Hold on because forever love is the type of love worth fighting for. But most of all hold on because this isn’t something you will ever find again.

I walk through the halls of high school almost everyday. I sit in classrooms and listen to teachers and eat lunch with my friends. I have a relatively normal life. Sometimes I think my high school is pretty full of people who don’t care too much about what others think, but at the same time I see many people who are so concerned with being with a group. People who don’t want to be alone or worry so much about what others think of them. The people who could care less what the entire world thinks seem to be much happier than everyone else. One of the best things about my trip to China was how it made me realize you don’t need a safety net of people because no matter where you go there are always new people for you to meet. It taught me that you have to have the confidence to be able to be on your own and to go into new social situations even if you don’t know anyone. I travelled thousands of kilometres away from everyone and everything I knew and was able to meet so many amazing people I would never have known otherwise. More than anything I think while you’re still young it’s important to know that fitting in with a main crowd isn’t what life’s about, one day you’ll find people who you fit in with, who have the same interests as you do. What people don’t realize is that being “popular” or fitting in isn’t really whats important in life or high school, there are so many cool opportunities you’ll miss out on if you’re constantly worried about what others think of you. Almost all of the truly great people in the world were the ones who didn’t follow someone else’s path. You never hear anyone great say, “I got to where I am today because I followed everyone else.” Follow your dreams. Be great.
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In comparison to ourselves, the Earth is vast. There are so many in this world to see. I want to get high on the energy that lives in some of the greatest cities. Once you get comfortable in the one place you live, nothing really changes, and the atmosphere becomes familiar. It’s only when you travel far for the first time that you see that there are so many places different from where you’re from. The feeling of those new atmospheres, is addicting. Once you’ve travelled you want to see anywhere and everywhere, and you can’t leave soon enough. Discovering something you never knew existed is incredible and the culture shock is like a reality check. There are so many places I want to see I almost feel haunted by all of them.
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I believe that living in the moment is key to living a successful life. I feel like looking forward to things that may happen in the future is detrimental to the way we live now. I’m not saying looking forward to things is something you should never do, the reason I made this post is because I feel like I’m looking forward to so many things right now I’m forgetting about important things that are happening now. I find that as I wait for things to arrive and future trips to occur I feel like I’m waiting for my life to move forward. I don’t think we should ever really be waiting for our lives to go on, life should never feel like a chore. This is something I definitely have to work on, but as we let go of the future, and start to live every moment, our future becomes brighter. You have to do something today to be able to continue it and see it grow tomorrow. If you are always waiting for something to happen without trying to make it happen for yourself, it never will. Don’t wait your whole life wishing something would happen for you. Live all the moments today has given you, and make your own future an exciting place to be.
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Intertwined, like two tree trunks molded together. Together, like the fish and the ocean, the birds and the sky. The beauty in the way our stories are written is indescribable. They’re beautiful because they are all different. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, who we might meet, the things we may see or the places we could go. Our future is unforeseen, our choices are what guide us through life. But our past is also untouchable. The things we’ve seen, the things we’ve done, they are unchangeable. The bad and the good, the worst and the best. That’s what makes life… life. It is fragile and beautiful and tragic, there is no way around that. Your memories are all you have to take with you, and if we’re all being honest there’s a lot of memories that can’t be buried far enough. You can’t change where you come from, or the circumstances into which you were born. You can’t change what’s already happened, but what happens next is always for you to decide.
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